Our World

Prestige Retail Inc., is our company incorporated in Canada which owns the brand East Avenue. East Avenue is a multi-brand, chain of retail stores showcasing the best that eastern catwalks have to offer for the western audience.East Avenue also designs under it’s own label, creatively infusing the worlds of eastern and western fashion through its outlets in Canada, U.S.A. and an online store.

Life is short Life is short

Women of South Asian descent who have migrated to, or are born outside their native countries, develop their own world. This world is a fusion of their eastern sensibilities adapted to a western environment. Their fusion into the western society has many shades. This defines their world – and their fashion.

East Avenue is of this world. Its mission is to understand the convergence of these worlds ~ introducing and infusing many shades of eastern fashion into predominantly western wardrobes.

East is the direction in which the sun rises. It is the source of light and the source of life itself. For our brand East Avenue, East is where we get our inspiration from and that is the main source of our business.

Our space is the Avenue where we showcase multiple designers, collections and fashion.

Our Values
Be Bold
Express yourself

Voice your opinions, follow your passions! We believe Fashion is at its best when it allows you to express yourself. We at East Avenue curate the best collections, offer the widest array of established and new designers, our in house label strives to design collections suited for your world – we are not in the business of selling fashion but in the quest for enabling you to best express yourself through your fashion!

Always on trend

Stylish and fashionable, we fuse fashion senses, whimsical at times but always on trend! We bring the fashion weeks from the East to your doorstep to ensure your stay connected and always on trend!

Authentic and honest

We are the authorized retailers for our club of designers. We personally select and source directly from our designers. Our quality is our hallmark. We take responsibility for all our products.